Dr. Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya from King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand visited ABB

Renowned Professor Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya, an eminent figure in Spirlina Technology and Cyanobacteria Biology from King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, recently graced Algal Bioactives and Bioproducts (ABB) with her presence. Prof. Yandu LU and Yi Xin host the visit and Ph. D student Noppathonthan Aowtrakool join the symposium.

Her visit on November 29th, 2023, ignited a wave of enthusiasm and knowledge exchange within our research group, leaving an indelible mark on all involved. During her time with us, Prof. Marasri engaged in vibrant discussions, generously sharing invaluable insights gleaned from her extensive research tenure. The focal point revolved around pioneering advancements in Microalgae leveraging Bioinformatics tools, particularly in the prediction of invaluable Peptides. Her guidance was not only profound but also served as a wellspring of inspiration, propelling our research and innovation to new heights.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Marasri for gracing us with her wisdom and enriching our discussions. Her visit not only paved the way for potential future collaborations between ABB and Prof. Marasri's esteemed research group but also served as a catalyst for aspiring researchers and students within our ranks.

Our commitment to fostering an environment ripe for interdisciplinary collaboration and groundbreaking research remains unwavering. In fact, Prof. Marasri's influence extends beyond her visit, with her PhD student already contributing as a visiting scholar in our lab. We eagerly anticipate further strides in exchanging cutting-edge technologies, especially in the realm of marine resources.

Moreover, Prof. Marasri's visit serves as a poignant reminder of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. Our pursuit of bio-based functional products aimed at positively impacting society stands fortified. 

About Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya

Dr. Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya is a distinguished professor at the School of Bioresources and Technology, King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. With a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Osaka University, Japan, she has been a pioneer in her field since 1986. Dr. Ruengjitchatchawalya's expertise spans various domains, including Spirulina Technology, Spirulina Lipid Biochemistry, Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria, and Bioinformatics. Her impactful contributionsto these areas have positioned her as a leading authority, driving significant advancements in the field.