Dr. Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya from King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand visited ABB 2024-01-04
Mathias Halwart from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations visit Algal Bioactives and Bioproducts (ABB) 2023-12-27
Inauguration of Engineering & Research Center of Marine Bioactives and Bioproducts, Hainan Province 2023-09-28
SCBE holds Next Generation Marine Biotechnology Workshop 2023-07-12
SCBE hosts special issue in Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts 2023-01-31
2023 HNU CGS-High Level graduate Program 2022-11-30
2022 Autumn camping 2022-11-24
Cell Press    Phycosphere——Aladdin’s magic lamp to diseased waters 2022-08-24
Tropical Plants | Exploring value-added compounds from tropical marine plants 2022-08-24
Qilian Mountain Academic Months of Microalgal Engineering Research Center of Gansu Province and Hexi University 2022-07-02
Prof. Yandu LU and Dong LU (Institute of Modern Physics, CAS) hosted ‘Life Science and Health’ Forum of Lanzhou University of Technology 2022-07-02
Prof. Yandu LU visited Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2022-07-02
Prof. Yandu LU was invited by Algal Industry Association of China and gave a report in Coastal Zone Agriculture Forum 2022-07-02
JACS­—Scientists from SCBE reveal a previously untapped route for the generation of C4-methyl steranes 2022-05-20
Prof. Weimin Ma of Shanghai Normal University gave a presentation to SCBE on Hydrogen production from microalgae! 2022-04-24
Yandu Lu is invited to launch a Research Topic in Frontiers in Marine Science 2022-03-01
SCBE got the National Key Research and Development Program for Synthetic Biology 2022-01-22
Congratulations! Xiangzi Deng got Hainan Innovative Research Project for Graduate Students 2021-11-26
Autumn Barbecue 2021-11-20
SCBE got the Intergovernmental Project of National Key Research and Development Program 2021-11-19